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"You have such presence as a performer- it was as if watching you go within while expanding outwardly at the same time. It is the mark of true native talent and cultivated skill to be able to do that- and so beautifully. Thomas, the magic you bring to your playing resonates so beautifully with all who have the privilege of listening."
Lauren Jonik, editor

"Your music is confident. That is what sets it apart from all the others. It is confident, it is strong. You know where you are going, your songs are deliberate. As I was trying to say in the interview, you don't just play the piano, you PLAY the piano. You are playing the whole instrument...yes and again: I hear tons and tons and tons of instrumental piano music: The way you play and the sound, just everything about this CD is totally different from any performer out there right now. I don't know how to explain it, I don't. But just totally, overall. The whole presence of your sound is different. Maybe it's just a quality step above all of that. I don't know, but I was immediately drawn to this CD just because it was like this. Your playing, your compositions - everything was different...what you have mentioned about music being a sacred language: My thought was that it takes a special person like you to translate that language. And that's what you do. Because you bring it to us, a place where people understand it."
Mary Bartlein, host/ producer of Instrumental Saturdays, WMSE

"Beyond Black & White is very soulful and beautiful." Kaveh Nicpour, KCSM

"Vienna, Austria has seen its fair share of the world's greatest composers. Now add Thomas Barth to that list. Calling his music "audible energy", Thomas composes and performs piano compositions that recall the Renaissance period. His songs are beautiful and indeed have a lot of amazing energy to them. But somehow they're still relaxing and gorgeous. Take in a deep breath and enjoy "Beyond Black & White".
J-Sin, (editor's pick)

"This Austrian keyboardist has put together some very calm/collected compositions for listeners who want to feel the "heart" of a chord (or a series of them). It isn't "jazz", per se, nor can it be lumped in the (dreaded) "New Age" category... it's pure emotion... laid back most of the time, as on the opener, "Father To Son", or with "spooky" intros, as on "Where I Come From". The word that comes to mind when listening through Thomas' solos is "new"... not new in the sense of "never been done before"; rather, it's new because it's "his take" on what's around him, and his talent is clearly in communicating to the listener exactly what his feeling is. I found this a very pleasant listen.. it gets a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for all those who like something in between jazz & new age that isn't cliché-laden."
Rotcod Zzaj, Improvijazzation

"I have aired several selections from Beyond Black & White on my show Nocturnes." Adrienne LaFrance, KEDM

To love this album you have merely to love the sound of a real grand piano. Beyond Black & White brings together many different piano styles. Essentially its roots are in the deep, emotionally rich soil of the European Romantic Art Music tradition, i.e., from Beethoven till a century beyond. Some pieces lean a little towards 20thC discord and avant garde strangeness, but much of Barth's music offers the simple, wistful warmth of comfy melodies and harmonies at its heart. The more one listens, the more the richly woven diversity becomes apparent: was that a hint of Beatles, or was it Elton, or the theme from Cheers? Sometimes vigorous, tumbling, shimmering, breathtaking virtuosity breaks out, but more often we are residing in Satie-esque simplicity. If you are like me, the sound of a real piano, even a humble old upright, is in your blood and bones - so why not come home to a real piano?

"Beyond Black & White is wonderful!" Brad Hartwell, WSCS

"Beyond Black and White is a great CD." David Oldham, WQFS

"We have added Beyond Black and White to our new releases shelf." Scott Stevens, CFRC "Beyond Black and White has a very clear and pronounced grand piano style."
Flyingman Mark Caldwell, WAWL

"We seem to be getting a good reaction from featuring it on our overhead play system. I think it has pretty good potential for sales."
Downtown Records, Harrisonburg, VA

"Wonderful sound and wonderful energy! Really good piano music!" Five Seasons, Ocean Springs, MS


"Thanks again for the music. We will be better radio because of it."

Your CD, I'm happy to announce, has been very well received by the listeners. Well, you are a superb musician and your CD for those fans of good music is a gift."
Joao da Penha, Radio Teresopolis, Brazil

"Thomas Barth's Beyond Black & White double CD is a collection of solo piano pieces that range in sound texture, from the powerful to the spirtual. Numbers like "Reverie D'elfs" and "Nocturne In D Minor Op. 139" would not be out of place on a film soundtrack (perfect for a silent film). Other tracks have a more organic and fluid feel to them: "Those Who Are Brave", "Friends And Places", "Lanikeha" and the simply beautiful "Where I Come From". Barth does seem to have a gift for penning delicate melodies (sometimes adapted from the classics, sometimes not) that stick in the brain and in the heart. While listening to "Vertrautheit", "Isis" and "The Inner Shelf", for example, I found myself being haunted by the melodies and falling under their collective spell. The songs range in length from 54 seconds to 7 minutes, but there is no time wasted here and Thomas Barth can take comfort in the knowledge that he has succeeded in his goal of creating a work that would, and I quote, "heal and enrich other people's lives." Let Beyond Black & White enrich your life as well."

"Austrian pianist delivers a 2 CD set on his solo debut Beyond Black & White, a collection of acoustic piano pieces that were recorded in a large room filled with 30 other pianos, introducing a sound concept that he is calling "Holistic Resonance", which apparently can be heard to its fullest effect by listening through headphones. Whether this is a viable concept or not, this set is filled with some lovely melodies and graceful chops from Barth, a player who should be familiar to jazz fusion fans through his material as a band leader working with Mike Stern, Gerald Veasley, Mike Baker, and Craig Handy. Each piece has a haunting and emotional vibe to it, as Barth performs the songs as if the piano was an extension of his body. Not quite jazz, not quite classical, and not quite new age, Beyond Black & White might appeal to listeners of all three genres, and certainly to prog rock afficianados who might like a little acoustic piano music with gorgeous melodies and relaxing tempos. If you are looking for 2 CD's filled with sumptuous and mesmerizing piano sounds, this might do the trick. Light the candles, pass around some wine, and dim the lights...that would be the perfect setting for Thomas Barth and his solo outing here."
Pete Pardo,, Music for the New Intellectual

"Still enjoying your CD...FABULOUS!!! Touches my heart at each listening. I am crazy for it!!! Indeed if music is a reflection of one's self than you must be made inside of the most soulful patterns!" Maria Alsatti, PA

"Dear Thomas Barth, your CD is excellent. We can all not express our thanks in words for your heroic efforts. You are a true professional, Thomas. We hope that you enjoyed the experience as we all did on that beautiful evening. I will never forget it. Looking forward to more musical deliverance. Thank you so much for sharing your talents. "
Kenn Moutenot, musical director, Deodato

"I've listened to the CD, it's KILLER." Gary Poulson, Brooklyn, NY

"As expected you are on the path lined with great things of your doing. Greatness begets greatness. So nice to share part of the trip with you."
Dr. James Fadigan, Florida

"Godspeed on your recordings - may the Spirit speak through you."
Warren Cooper, Philadelphia

"If more people were like you, the world would certainly be different!" Martha Redbone, Brooklyn, NY

"You have a new fan for life. You may put me on your list to buy any and every release you ever put out." John Ross, CA

"The reason you are succeeding is that you are talented and your music has emotion and depth. Hunter Murtaugh, NYC

"Seven Worlds covers the full spectrum of emotions. I can be in the worst mood, put the CD in and it lifts my thoughts." Michael Getz, D.C

"The superlatives are plenty when one listens to this beautiful music. Splendid! This is a first class effort which should in all aspects be a winner." TAXI

"One of the best groups I've heard in a long time."
Rob Fisch, Jazz Friends Review

"Bountiful, rich emotions." Cyber Fusion

"Thomas Barth has achieved a transcendence that is rare in new music. His music touches both the past and the future, staying true to his core roots of forging new roads on the frontier of sound." Stuart Diamond, NYC

"Your music is really cool! I especially like the "I Wish" track on 7 worlds... it got me grooving all over kitchen and living room! Keep at it!"
Christiane Müller, Vienna

"I have listen quite a lot for your CD by now. I must say I think it has some very nice tunes. As I'm a great fan of Mike Stern I like these tunes best. Thank you for groovy music." Staffan Lindhé, Sweden

"Thank you for your CD 7 worlds, it's very nice, especially for playing on the radio. If you start to tour with your dream band, let me know." Anne Erm, Jazzkaar, Estonian Radio

"I just had the pleasure of listening to "Father to Son" and "Sleeping Beauty" on your website . They are lovely. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed them." Kirstie Mason, MA

"The CD is terrific. I would listen to it all the time if I had not lent it to my next door neighbor, the jazz musician, and he has not returned it himself." Tina Ball, NYC

"Great record! Great playing, very emotional." Hugh Colocott, NYC

"Such wonderful compositions. I feel happy when I hear it. I feel the deep meaning and the message." Sabine Kreisel, Munich

"It is always heartening to cross paths with others of a similar mindset. I had a chance to visit your website and your writings are as beautiful as your music." Lauren Jonik, editor

"There is so much going on in this CD, I thoroughly enjoy every minute of it." Gary Snyder, MD

"The music has a way of transforming one's mood. It elevates my spirits." Jeff Doiron, KY

"Seven Worlds is a very moving and well thought- out musical piece."
Carlos Sanchez, NJ

"I will pray for his success to continue, and I am certain that it will. The soul speaks through the mind. And the heart over-hears."
Mary Anne Paquin, Boston, MA

"My roommie has tried to nab my CD for his listening pleasure many times!" Steffi Womack, Seattle, WA

"The music on your CD has a nice "swinging" quality to it that I don't find in most of the other "electronic" jazz that I listen to." Gary Kennedy, CA

"Keyboardist Thomas Barth produced and composed all of the music (except for one tune) on this tasty, worthwhile recording. 7 Worlds is a creative mixture of not-so-smooth contemporary Jazz mixed with some traditional Jazz toppings infused with new age graces, worldbeat sophistication and urban grooves. These diverse influences gel for a listening treat that is pleasurable and suspense-filled. The title track - by far the most elaborate production must be a dynamic crowd-pleaser. The 7 Worlds composition embodies a refreshing yet accessible complexity with wild synthesizer riffs and Native American tribal flute sounds for the introduction and unravels on a fluid, melodic Middle-Eastern journey on soprano sax backed by pulsating bass and swinging drums that culminates with upbeat acoustic piano. In addition to the title track, a number of songs have thoughtful, interesting introductions and an underlying balance of clear pulsating bass and emphatic cymbals. You'll find the sweetly seductive slow dance of "Friends," the contemporary upbeat "Times Square," the free-spirited synthesizered "Stepping Out" and the eclectic mix of off-center contemporary and traditional Jazz tenor sax lines bound by funky dance rhythms and a seering guitar solo on "Manhattan Suite." Action TV style urban grooves are prominent on "Manhattan Suite" and Barth's jazzy piano licks dance club-style interpretation of Stevie Wonder's "I Wish." Two poetic vocal tunes bring additional depth to this exciting recording. "After the Prayer" is a pretty, poetic ballad (lyrics by Sandra Kreisler) with sweet, Stevie Wonder-like vocals tinged with sensitive vibrato by drummer Mike Baker, followed by lovely synthesizer and soprano sax solos. "Gentle Souls" carries the cries of whales and crashing ocean waves with lyrics written and sung with an Oleta Adams-like compassion by Nadeen Holloway which sounds a call to protect the endangered species of whales. With 7 Worlds, Barth and adept company bring a synergistic, confident vision to fruition."
Val Vaccaro, Jazz Now Magazine

"In a sparkling combination of New Age, World Music, and Jazz, Thomas Barth and his Trio opened the set at Satalla tonight with momentum, as Sunset was imbued with a driving rhythm that fused ethnic elements and jazz. Biolcati’s bass led Where Dreams may go, as Barth’s piano played repetitive chords, followed again by a buoyant bass solo. Crescendos of Froman’s driven percussion closed the piece. Sleeping Beauty began with a melancholy piano solo, very original and very evocative. Barth switched keys, and romantic piano melodies evolved, with soothing bass backup and flirtatious percussion. Borea/Sirius Papers was a fascinating piece that included Barth’s playing of the internal piano strings along with the keys. This was a more atonal and edgy work, mixed with Turkish or Egyptian sounds. I thought of Belly Dance rhythms and tonalities, as it expanded with slow, undulating themes. The trio then drove into a combo of sound that filled Satalla with a percussive hurricane. Father to Son, dedicated to Barth’s son, Chris, was lyrical, upbeat, and innocent in composition, obviously imbued with adoration. Amalthea was reminiscent of Debussy, as piano strings and keys combined in the rapturous lead. Soon, a Salsa beat ensued with contrasting rhythms that led into an extended bass solo, unique, but characteristic of the earlier theme. Reverie d’elf was dreamlike, as the title suggests, with piano and percussion carrying this lovely melody over a rich bass background. Thomas Barth is a creative and eclectic composer and performer, as he plays barefoot piano with a warmth and casualness that match the ambience of the brilliant reds, patterned walls and ceiling, and tapestry stools of Satalla, NYC."Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower,

"Keyboardist Thomas Barth was intent on making a big splash with his self-released debut CD of contemporary instrumental compositions. And indeed, he's succeeded. Barth, a classically-trained pianist who has studied with Joe Zawinul and Herbie Hancock, focuses on uplifting pieces steeped in effervescent jazz-rock. 7 Worlds features a group of seasoned fusion luminaries including guitarist Mike Stern, bassist Gerald Veasley, drummer Mike Baker, and saxmen Craig Handy and Evan Tate -- all of whom stamp their sonic imprint firmly on the disc's 10 tracks. The album is a breezy and absorbing excursion into a world Barth refers to as "EnerJazz" -- a sound and philosophy that transcends cultural barriers in favor of global synergy and solidarity. 7 Worlds revolves around urban groovological expeditions and lovely balladry, all peppered with Afro-Cuban influences and pleasant pop leanings. A fun and endearing effort."
Anil Prasad, Innerviews Magazine

"Ethereal, mystical and passionate- those three words sum up the essence of "Seven Worlds", the debut collection by keyboardist Thomas Barth. Seven Worlds is also precedent setting in its single handed delivery of a musical philosophy that composer Barth calls "EnerJazz". EnerJazz is a multi- ethnic, multi- cultural celebration, musical fireworks and definitely the sounds of today. Barth’s upbeat assessment of life stems from major life changes which occurred in the making of his musical missive. "Seven Worlds" evolved from a whirlwind NYC studio session after numerous calls via Barth’s former home city of Vienna. Featured for this collection are guitarist Mike Stern, bassist Gerald Veasley and saxophonists Craig Handy and Evan Tate. Mike Baker lends a hand on the drums and vocals, along with Nadeen Holloway. Barth brings it all together on the keyboards.This musical dream team really goes all out on the expansive Manhattan Suite which highlights the funky playful bass bottom of Veasley distinctively coupled with the jumping guitar licks of Stern. Nadeen Holloway’s fervent delivery evokes geospheric consciousness on Gentle Souls. Vocalist Mike Baker brings a stunning rapture to the gentle, reflective piece After the Prayer. And Friends, the initial cut of this 10 song set, is elegant and airy, a perfect song to drive to. This is an intriguing collection of heart- stirring renderings. Seven Worlds: Hear it. Feel it. Share it." Bobbi Booker, Audio Gliphix Magazine


"Today I received the copy of your newest album BEYOND BLACK & WHITE you so kindly sent me. Thank you so much! I will add it to the station library for sharing your music with my listeners from now on." Francisco M. López Herrero, LA OTRA ORILLA, Barcelona/ Spain

"Thank you so much for the CDs. I listened to them on my journey upstate: your music is exquisite." Peter Kingsley, author

"Your CDs are really amazing!" Christoph Thun- Hohenstein, (former) director of the Austrian Cultural Forum NYC

"The CDs arrived and they're perfect - just the type of music I find not only calming and relaxing, but also conducive to meditation, thought creation etc. You really are a talented composer. Thank you very much!" Shirley Andrews, author

"You are quite a diverse artist. Your music is very inspiring and I'm excited to see what the future holds." Chris Woods, executive producer, NYC

Aloha E' Thomas, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Beyond Black & White. While you played, I quietly read a book, and went to bed listening to your soothing music. You have known about the research studies made with children with Attention Deficit Disorder (learning disabilities) who listen to Mozart's music to help calm them down. Well your music has that same miracle effect. Mahalo nui loa, from the bottom of my heart!" Carole Puanani, Seattle, WA

deutschsprachige resonanz

"Deine Doppel CD, ich werd sie heute in der Jazznacht spielen - ist ein Wahnsinn, eine reife Leistung, eine der wunderbarsten Aufnahmen, die ich in letzter Zeit gehört habe. Habe sie mir jetzt noch einmal genau durchgehört - 'das' springt direkt rüber, ist ergreifend im besten Sinn des Wortes. Gratuliere !" Herbert Ulhir, Programmdirektor Oe1 (Jazz), orf

"Mike Stern liefert seine gesalbten Salven ab, Craig Handy bläst eruptiv, funky, Gerald Veasley groovt volle Wäsche, Mike Baker zeuglt, was das Zeug hält, und mittendrin, in dem Superstarkollektiv, ein Österreicher am Keyboard: Thomas Barth. "Friends", eine Ballde, eröffnet die sieben Welten, aus deren Wolken Joe Zawinul hin und wieder hervorlugt und lacht, und sich über eine Produktion freut, für die er Pate hätte stehen können. Acht Tracks hat Thomas Barth den werkenden Musikern auf den Leib geschrieben und Soul-Jazz-Fusion erklingt, bei Barth sein Spiel richtig in Szene setzen kann, wie z.B. auch in der 12-minütigen Manhattan Suite, bei der viel Platz für ausgelassene Soli der Stars vorhanden ist, die in die Beine fährt und das heftige Treiben im New Yorker Stadtteil widerspiegelt."
Christian Bakonyi, jazzzeit, 19, 2001